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-Musical theatre, orchestra, jazz ensemble, studio recording, etc. Do you need a principal oboist for a chamber concert? Right here! How about a lead tenor sax for a big band gig? Same guy! Need some flute over your beats? Send me a message on my contacts page so we can play together! Pricing varies.


-Jazz solo transcriptions may be requested and purchased. Price varies depending on difficulty and length of the recording.


-Lessons are offered on flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and saxophone! Lessons may be in-person or online! Jump over to the contacts page and send me a message so we can get started!

Woodwind/Jazz Clinician

-Are your woodwinds having issues blending into the ensemble sound? Do you feel stumped when it comes to advising your double reeds? Let me come help your woodwinds and/or jazz ensemble! Pricing varies.

Audio/Video Producer

-Would you like me to make a video/audio recording for you? Contact me with details and let's get started! Pricing varies.

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