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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ricky's primary instrument?

A: My primary instrument is oboe/English horn.

Q: What style(s) does Ricky play?

A: I'm comfortable playing in a plethora of musical styles including, but not limited to: orchestral, chamber ensemble, big band, jazz combo, show music, pop music, funk, rock, contemporary, latin, gospel, polka, etc.

Q: Can I take lessons from Ricky? What instruments does he teach?

A: Yes, you can! I teach live and Skype lessons on all woodwind instruments including flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and saxophone. I also teach oboe reed making. Hop over to the contacts page and shoot me a message!

Q: Where is Ricky from and where is he based at currently?

A: I'm from Dallas, Texas and I'm currently based in both New York City and Dallas, TX. 

Q: How do I contact Ricky for gigs/potential opportunities?

A: Jump over to my Contact page and send me an email!

Q: How can I support Ricky's Youtube videos?

A: Visit my Patreon page!

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